Global Warming Trends - Energy Choices

We at Ecolite International are taking the initiative to be proactive in promoting lower emissions and cleaner living by taking the right efforts. We not only provide the best LED products available, but seek to make a change in the environment by believing in our mission.

See What some Cities are doing to make us aware of this need for change. Changing your energy-use habits is the first step!



Question: I am interested in the a lease on LED products. What Are the Next Steps?

See the June 2016 Handout - Share with your Project team


Contact us and over the phone we will take general information about your current lighting configuration and determine an estimated size & scope of the LED retrofit project.

·       We will discuss financing options: How your organization intends on paying for the project. There are options!

·       We will discuss installation options: We can arrange installation or your building maintenance staff can perform the retrofit. We give you the choice!

·       We will conduct a site visit if facility is within Sales Agents Area and provide LED samples on-site so you can see firsthand how the LED lighting would look before proceeding!

·       We will provide a complete financial feasibility model with real costs and savings based on project specifics.

·      If you then would like to proceed, we will schedule all aspects for the project to be implemented.


Fixture Height & Beam Angle

Let's start off with project goals. Once given a project, its important to understand the various scenarios. As you see below, the lights can be mounted four ways: 

  1. Arm - Outdoor signage board
  2. Wall - Outdoor and Indoor
  3. Ceiling - Warehouse, Canopy, Offices, and High Bay / Low Bays
  4. Pole - Parking, Outdoor roadway and Street lighting

Once you understand Beam Angles and Installation Heights, selecting the fixture wattages will be next.

From 30 to 360 degree beam angles, there are options available when ordering. See sample specs.

Color Temperature

Did you know that brighter lights persuade people to eat healthier? Several studies we found, illustrates that patrons order healthy food with brighter lights. So think about that for your business or next time you eat out!

See below on how to select the proper light color for your application.